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We've always believed that fishkeeping doesn't have to be cruel. Create a home for your fish, not a prison. 

Welcome to Fish Tank Bank - the home of fish tanks and aquariums. We also have an extensive selection of decorations, ornaments and fish tank accessories, to help you create the perfect environment for your fish - all updated for 2017. 

Every item that we've chosen to include on this website has been rigorously tested by every single member of our team, to ensure premium quality and safety for your fish. 

 Our years of experience with fish allows us to apply our knowledge and choose only the best products for your fishy friend. If you're a beginner, we can help you set up your fish tank, and we can also provide free advice on the best way to create a comfortable and safe environment for your fish. 


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Reviews of our top Fish Tanks & Aquariums 


tetra fish tank

The Tetra fish tank is a favorite of ours for a few reasons.  Firstly, it has a classic 'box' shape, which suits most varieties of fish. At 3 gallons, it's big enough for most smaller fish varieties (like Betta fish). It comes complete with a filter, LED lighting and a feeding hole to help keep your fish comfortable and happy. 


portrait aquarium

The Portrait Fish Tank (also known as the Portrait Aquarium) is a highly rated tank over on Amazon, with more than 230 5 star reviews. Not bad for a fish tank! At 5 gallons, this tank is a perfect mid size solution for anyone with medium sized fish. 


Globe fish bowl

For those of you who would prefer to have a fish bowl rather than a tank, this 'globe' bowl is the perfect answer! At only 1.8 gallons, it's definitely only suited to very small fish, but just because it isn't a big space, doesn't mean it isn't lacking in extra features. With a cool waterfall feature, a pump filter and an LED light, there's plenty to be excited about here. 


half moon aquarium

A half moon aquarium certainly sounds magical, and this product certainly lives up to it's name! This uniquely shaped fish tank is a popular choice with owners who not only want a safe home for their fish, but also a stylish tank. With a built in filter and heater, this tank has everything you need to get started. 

5 gallon aquarium

This aquarium has an impressive Amazon rating, with over 100 5 star reviews from customers. After looking at the features of the tank, it's not hard to see why - despite being spacious at 5 gallons, this aquarium is actually designed to be compact, making it perfect for any space in any home. Like many of the other tanks in this list, it comes complete with LED lighting, but this tank has 7 different light colors! 

20 gallon aquarium

Finally, for anyone needing a really large fish tank, this has to be the choice for you! At 20 gallons, this aquarium has plenty of room for medium to large sized fish, as well as all of the decorations and accessories that you might want to include. This tank comes with plenty of added extras too, including scratch resistant glass, an LED hood and a 'whisper' filter. It's also available in a few different varieties, so read the reviews and see what floats your boat!






A fish tank or aquarium isn't much without a proper sturdy stand. Luckily, we have some of those on our website too! The 3 stands below are (in our opinion) the best options for a fish owner, as they provide good support and will ensure that your fish tank or aquarium stays in place! 




This is a simple, inexpensive and straightforward fish tank that does exactly what you need it do. Made from wood, it looks great and is sturdy enough to support larger fish tanks. Some of the other benefits of this stand include that it assembles quickly, is easily adjustable and comes in 4 different sizes. 


A metal stand is always a good choice if you have a heavier aquarium, as it's a stronger material than wood and can provide more support. The stand itself has a black finish, making it quite a nice addition to your home, and the seller on Amazon has responded to many of the questions that people have asked. 


10 gallon fish tank stand

This is another stand made from wood, the only difference with this stand is that it gives specific instructions on which types of fish tanks you can use with the stand - 10 or 20 gallon fish tanks. So in short, this stand is designed for heavier fish tanks!


Hopefully the above reviews of fish tanks, aquariums and stands give you a good idea of which products you should choose. However, you shouldn't even begin to look at these products until you have a good idea of how to properly set up a fish tank! So here is a quick guide to creating the perfect environment for your fish: 

  • Choose your tank carefully - 3 gallons or more is best for most species of fish
  • Pick a tank that is long (as this resembles the natural habitat of a fish)
  • Choose a gentle filter (fish don't really like strong currents)
  • Choose a heater - again, research the species so you know what temperature they feel most comfortable in 
  • Add gravel, decorations and get started enjoying your fish!

Want to make your fish feel comfortable? Here are some extra tips:

  • The natural habitat of most fish is shady rice paddies, so you want to try and replicate this as well as you can
  • Give them plenty of plants so they can hide in the shadows if they like 
  • Fish also like driftwood so add some of that too - just make sure it's been treated (don't just take it off the beach as this can introduce chemicals and other dangerous substances into the tank
  • Be warned - you might not see your fish out in the open too often if you have too many decorations!
  • Avoid putting decorations and ornaments with sharp edges in the tank
  • Avoid having a bare tank for your fish! They'll just get bored....