Need A Betta Fish Tank? 

Fishkeeping doesn't have to be cruel.

Welcome to Fish Tank Bank - the home of Betta fish tanks. We also have an extensive selection of decorations, ornaments and more, to help you create the perfect environment for your Betta fish. 

Every item that we've chosen to include on this website has been rigorously tested by every single member of our team, to ensure premium quality and safety for your fish. 

 Our years of experience with Betta fish allows us to apply our knowledge and choose only the best products for your fishy friend. If you're a beginner, we can help you set up your Betta fish tank, and we can also provide free advice on the best way to create a comfortable and safe environment for your Bettas. 

               Tetra Cube                                                              Tetra Globe                                                                  GloFish Aquarium 

Want a quick guide to setting up the perfect Betta fish tank? Follow these simple steps: 

  • Choose a tank - 3 gallon or more is best
  • Pick a tank that is long (as this resembles the natural habitat of a Betta fish)
  • Choose a gentle filter (Bettas don't really like strong currents)
  • Choose a heater 
  • Add gravel, decorations and get started!