40 gallons is somewhere between being pretty big, and pretty medium sized for a fish tank or aquarium. It’s generally considered to be a pretty good size for most fish and most homes, because it won’t take up too much room, but it’ll provide more than enough space for most species of fish (including Bettas). We’ve selected the following collection of 40 gallon fish tanks based on reviews from real people who’ve bought and used them. We’ve included a wide selection of products in the list, some for beginners and some for more advanced fish keepers.



SeaClear 40 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit


Anybody who has taken a look around our website knows that we’re big fans of SeaClear products, and this 40 gallon fish tank is no exception. It’s a starter aquarium kit, which means it comes with a whole bunch of goodies to help you get started on your fishy adventure. Here’s the main features of this 40 gallon beauty:

  • Acrylic – A stronger and lighter material than glass
  • Electrically approved hood – features fluorescent lighting
  • Power filter – ensures the water in the rank remains clean and safe
  • Plant decorations – helps to immediately create a comfortable environment for your fish
  • Net and fish food included – 2 helpful accessories that will help you to enjoy your fish tank even more!
  • Dimensions – 36 inches x 15 inches x 16 inches


SeaClear 40 Gallon System II Aquarium

This is a 40 gallon System II aquarium, which is not only a fish tank with an awesome name, it’s also an awesome tank full stop! It comes with a variety of features that make it simple to instantly create the perfect environment for your fishy friend. Here are the important features:

  • Wet/dry filtration system – helps to ensure that the aquarium is biologically and chemically balanced to perfection
  • Acrylic – as we’ve mentioned already, acrylic is a stronger and lighter material than glass
  • Smooth rounded corners – safer than cornered fish tanksĀ 
  • Media try – not for DVDs, but for heaters and other useful gadgets like that!
  • Available in Cobalt Blue
  • Dimensions – 15 inches x 36 inches x 16 inches



Clear-For-Life 40 Gallon UniQuarium

Another UniQuarium, which for the uninitiated means a fish tank that comes with a filter built in. Clear For Life are the specialists in UniQuariums, and this 40 gallon tank is no exception to their high standard of quality. Aside from the built in filter, here are the other features:

  • Acrylic – safer and stronger than glass, also lighter and acts as a better insulator!
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater fish
  • Available in Sapphire Blue color
  • Dimensions – 15 inches x 36 inches x 16 inches

SeaClear 40 Gallon Acrylic Aquarium Combo Set


A combo set is sort of like the starter kit that we included in the list, but for more advanced fish keepers. The combo set involves a variety of accessories and items that will help you create the perfect aquarium for your fish, including:

  • Reflector – helps to spread the light around the aquarium
  • Acrylic – you already know how much better acrylic is!
  • Safe for saltwater or freshwater fish
  • Corrosive resistant


Perfecto 40 Gallon Breeder Tank



This 40 gallon breeder fish tank is from a company called Perfecto, which despite their name, don’t seem to be that perfect. The breeder tank isn’t very well reviewed on Amazon, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend that you buy it unless you’re familiar with the products that Perfecto supply and know for certain that they are quality. If you’re looking for a breeder fish tank, then you could simply pair up one of the above tanks with a divider. Here are the main features of this tank:

  • Acrylic – a safer and lighter material than glass
  • Decorative plants – perfect to get your tank started
  • Magnetically attached sweeper rod – a handy accessory to have!


SeaClear 40 Gallon Junior Executive Kit


seaclear junior 40 gallon

Aside from sounding seriously awesome (‘Junior Executive Kit!’), this last entry in our list of 40 gallon fish tanks is definitely the best option for anyone who is looking for an ‘all in one’ solution to kickstart their fish keeping journey. Probably the best way to demonstrate the awesomeness of this fish tank kit is to simply list what you get with it, so let’s run through the main features:

  • Fluorescent fixture
  • Power filter
  • Plant decorations
  • Fish net
  • Fish food
  • Water conditioner

Need a stand for your 40 gallon fish tank? Here is our best picks:

Aquatic Fundamentals 40 Gallon Fish Tank Stand



This stand is designed for fish tanks that are slightly heavier than 40 gallons, and it has a powder coating which helps it to resist moisture easily. To find out more about the dimensions and pricing for this item, check it out below.

Top Fin RTA 40 Gallon Aquarium Stand





At less than $150, this is an incredibly cheap aquarium stand – especially considering the size and design of it. This stand will not only provide great support and protection for your 40 gallon fish tank, it also looks great and could act as a stylish piece of furniture in any home. It also has space for other items that you might need for your fish, and the picture even shows it storing books! Here are some of the main features:

  • Can support 450lbs
  • Has 2 open front cubbies
  • Laminated – gives it a glossy look


40 Gallon Fish Tanks & Aquariums (Kits & Stands)