What is a Betta hammock and why do Betta fish need it?

A ‘Betta fish leaf hammock’ is a place for your Betta fish to rest, which imitates the typical leaf bedding you would generally find in their natural habitat. Adding a Betta hammock to your fish tank is a great way to make your fish feel comfortable and more at home, without having to spend too much on special equipment. Some people will choose to make their own hammocks for their Betta fish, but I would generally advise against this for a few reasons. For starters, if you create a hammock which is unsafe, it could cause serious issues for your Betta and even result in a loss of their life. But the biggest problem that people have with DIY Betta hammocks is that they generally just aren’t as good as the hammocks you’ll find elsewhere. With this in mind, I’ve selected a few Betta hammocks that I truly believe to be the best on the market currently:

Zoo Med Laboratories Betta Hammock

betta leaf hammock

This Betta hammock from Zoo Med Laboratories has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, many of which are 5 stars. Many fish keepers have concerns that hammocks will be unsafe, but there are no complaints or concerns expressed in the Amazon reviews, which is a very good sign that this is a reliable product. Your Betta will love the realistic look of the leaf, and will enjoy having a place to rest that mimics their natural habitat. To read the reviews and see prices, please click the button above.

Blue Spotted Betta Hammock


This Betta Hammock from Blue Spotted is another item with plenty of positive reviews, but has slightly less than the previous product. It is clearly a very realistic product which is why it has still attracted plenty of buyers and positive reviews, and probably also why the item is so popular with Betta fish. The hammock has a suction pad which easily attaches to the bowl or tank that you place it in, and is simple to set up – just give it a quick rinse before you place it alongside your fish and you’re all set!

SunGrow Hammock

brown betta

This Betta hammock from Sungrow is essentially the same as the others in this list, except it resembles a brown leaf. This can be a nice addition to a tank for a Betta fish, and can help to create a more realistic environment for them. If you’d like to read reviews and see prices for this hammock, click the button above.


As you can see, we’re big fans of betta hammocks and think they can help to add the finishing touches to a betta fish tank. If you have any questions about the products above, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.



Betta Fish Leaf Hammocks