Brand SizeAvailable
Aquaview 2 1/2 GallonsAmazon
Pentagon 50 GallonsAmazon/Pet Smart
API Betta1 GallonAmazon

Although many people wish to have a fish tank in their home, it can often be far less practical than they first anticipated. Let’s be honest: a good sized fish tank is probably gonna take up a fair amount of room in your home! And ensuring that your fish have plenty of room is a key aspect of keeping them happy and healthy. So what’s the solution? Well, a corner fish tank can be the ideal solution to this often frustrating scenario, and can allow you to have an aquarium without sacrificing space around your home. But that doesn’t mean to say that these tanks are only good for saving space. In fact, they can be just as stylish and safe as a regular fish tank or aquarium, as you’ll see from the list below. Plus, we’ve included a few fish tank stands (just for good measure!).


corner fish tank infographic



Aquaview Corner Aquarium



The Aquaview is a compact and stylish solution to keeping fish without sacrificing large amounts of space around your home. This corner tank provides plenty of space and comfort for your fish, but can also be easily placed in the corner of a room. It’s a 2 and a half gallon tank, which would be suitable for several small to medium sized fish. But it’s not just space that this tank provides, as there is also a selection of energy efficient LED lights that light up the tank and make it look pretty spectacular. The tank is perfect for beginners who want an ‘All-in-1’ package too, as it comes complete with filters and other equipment to ensure the safety and health of the fish. The Amazon reviews mention that is the perfect size for a bedroom or small room, and the filters are quiet enough to not disturb you whilst you sleep. To find out more about this product, please click on the green button above.

Pentagon Corner Fish Tank



This 50 gallon pentagon shaped fish tank is perfect for slotting comfortably in any corner of your home. The unique pentagon shape of this tank means that you can view your fish from a variety of different angles, and it can easily fit into a variety of spaces in your home. The tank is made from acrylic material, which is perfect for viewing fish in their natural habitat, and is a completely safe material for fish to live in. It also makes any plants or decorations that you add to the tank look even more attractive as the light catches certain colors perfectly through acrylic. This tank is also available in 3 different colors which are blue, black and clear, each of which can give a unique look to your tank. If you’d like to find out more about this awesome item, click the green buttton above to be taken to Amazon.

1 Gallon Corner Fish Tank

corner fish tank


This corner tank is far smaller than the other 2 tanks that we have included in this list, but is a great tank for any fish owner looking to keep small fish on their desk or in another small area. The corner shape of the tank makes it ideal for homes or offices where space is tight but you still want to give your fish a comfortable tank. This tank is also great for beginners looking to start keeping fish, as it is nice and compact. The lid has a built in light that will light up the tank, as well as an air pump to keep your fish happy. There are over 130 reviews for this item, with many of the review saying that the tank was great for small fish and for beginners too. If you’d like to read some of these reviews, and you’d like to learn more about this item, click the green button above.

Betta Corner Fish Tank (0.5 Gallon)


Our last corner fish tank is a very small one. At only 0.5 gallon, it’s really only suitable for smaller fish, hence the name (Betta fish are a small species). The tank is a fairly simple ‘no frills’ aquarium, but can still be suitable for any fish keeper with small fish. It’s available from Petsmart below.

So there are some awesome corner fish tanks for you to check out. If space is tight in your home or office, having a fish tank that fits anywhere is a great way to save room. But you should always make sure that your fish have plenty of room to live comfortably, and their comfort and happiness should be your priority! Please feel free to check out some of the other items we have here at FishTankBank!

If you’re still unsure whether or not a corner fish tank would be a good idea for your fish, then don’t worry. We understand that it can be tricky to buy fish tanks without seeing them first-hand. Fortunately, we are going to list some of the advantages and disadvantages of these items, so you can make a fully informed decision!


As I’ve outlined above, corner tanks are perfect for fish keepers who are struggling to find adequate space for their fish in their home. Whether it’s because you live in a small house, or because you already have a fully stocked home, these tanks can fit in the corner of any room, making them ideal for pet owners who are looking to save on space. Another great thing about these tanks is that they are fully functional and safe for fish. All that separates them from standard tanks is that they have corners, which make them suitable for tight spaces. Provided that you don’t put large fish in here, they will be happy!


One of the major disadvantages of these corner tanks is that they are limited to smaller fish. I would never recommend that you let larger fish inhabit these tanks, as they simply wouldn’t have sufficient room to live comfortably. And really, that is the only disadvantage!

So hopefully by now you’re able to make a completely informed decision about how suitable a corner fish tank would be for your fishy friend! If you need any further advice about these tanks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!



Corner Fish Tanks