Our collection of fish tank decorations and ornaments has been selected to only include items that are highly rated by fishkeepers who have purchased them. The right decoration or ornament can transform your aquarium into a completely different place for your fish, so it's well worth the effort to include them in the tank (if you have space). 

betta fish log

fish tank plant





If you're unsure what decoration or ornament you should include in your aquarium, here's a quick rundown of the main types of decor that your fish will love: 

Artificial Rocks - Rocks will generally form part of the natural habitat of fish, so it makes sense to include them in their tank. Certain species, like Betta, will spend most of their time hiding between rocks. You'll want to use artificial rocks rather than rocks from the beach, as these can often be covered in nasty chemicals which can contaminate the tank. 

Artificial Wood - Wood is another important element of a fish's natural habitat, and they'll often sleep in a hollowed out log. We already have a driftwood page if you want to check out our top picks. 

Plants - Aside from looking great, plants can also provide fish with valuable coverage which allows them to enjoy privacy in their tank. It can also be great to include plants for fish who are trying to breed. 

Coral -