Why can’t you just stick any old piece of driftwood into your fish tank or aquarium? Because even though it might seem harmless enough, it could actually end up seriously harming your fish, especially if you’ve taken it from the beach. Driftwood could be sharp or contaminated, and adding this to your tank could be potentially dangerous. But this doesn’t mean that driftwood for a fish tank is a bad idea. In fact, it can be a great addition that your fish will love, as long as you choose a piece carefully. Manzanita is a popular choice, and we’ve taken this into consideration in our list. With this in mind, we’ve selected some different types of driftwood that will be completely safe for your fish, and included them below:




This decoration aims to mimic the style of a mangrove root that could wash up on a beach, and is an ideal piece for inquisitive fish to interact with. Not only will it resemble the kind of driftwood that your fish would find it it’s natural environment, it is also perfect for fish that enjoy swimming through spaces in their fish tank. This item has an average rating of 4 stars on Amazon from almost 150 reviews, with many of the reviewers commenting on how well received the driftwood was by their fish. If you’d like to find out more about this item, and read some more of the Amazon reviews, click on the green button above.


Cholla Driftwood



The detail of this driftwood makes it a personal favourite of ours at FishTankBank, and the modest price tag is also an attractive aspect of this piece. All 3 pieces shown are included with your purchase, each of which can be used safely in your fish tank. Your fish will enjoy the realistic detail on the driftwood, and it will look great for your fish tank. This item has an average Amazon rating of 4 stars from almost 50 reviews, making it a very highly rated piece. If you’d like to read some of these reviews and find out more about this piece, click on the green button above.

Malaysian Driftwood



This driftwood ornament has an extremely realistic and natural look, which is perfect for fish tanks and for owners who want to create a natural style for their tank. This driftwood is designed to be submerged underwater, and it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that will be dangerous to your fish. Another great aspect of this driftwood is that no 2 pieces are the same, so you will have a completely unique piece of wood that nobody else will have! It has an Amazon rating of 4 stars from nearly 300 reviewers, and if you’d like to read some of these reviews, click on the green button above.

So there is a list of some great driftwood for your fish tank. Driftwood can look great in a tank, but grabbing any piece from the beach could be dangerous for your fish. The pieces above are all safe for use underwater, and will look great in your tank. Feel free to check out some of the other items we have here on FishTankBank!



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