A really important aspect of fish tanks that is often completely overlooked by owners is the shape. Many people assume that fish tanks are only available in a few different shapes (the classic rectangular or spherical shapes), but there are actually plenty of other shapes which are available, many of which we feature on our website. But if we had to only recommend one shape of fish tank, it would definitely be an octagon tank!

So, why octagonal?

Good question. Not many fish owners realise the benefits of having a fish that is octagonal in shape, and to be honest we can understand why. There are so few of them available for purchase online, and they are notoriously hard to find, so they can’t be that good, right? WRONG!

The main reason that they work so well is that they provide more tangible space for the fish. It is well known that most species of fish like having areas to hide in so they can have their privacy, so obviously the more corners that you have in your tank, the more areas they have to hide in.

If you take a look at our octagon fish tank page, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

So if you’re wanting a tank that will help to provide your fish with more privacy, then give an octagonal tank a shot. It could be the best decision you make!


What Is The Best Shaped Fish Tank? (Hint: It’s Octagon!)