Decorating your fish tank might not be top of your list of priorities (especially when we’ve all got bills to pay!) but it is an important aspect of ensuring that your fish are happy. This is especially important for Betta fish, who have very different needs and desires from many other types of fish that you may keep. Betta fish enjoy having decorations that they can hide in and swim through, which means that hollow logs and tubes are great to have in their tank. Tall plants can also be great for Betta fish, as they love to hide and get some private time (who doesn’t?). With these points in mind, we’ve included some decorations below that we know Betta fish will love, and will also make your tank look great.

Betta Log



As I previously mentioned, Betta fish love decorations that they can hide in, especially when their owners are constantly peering into their tank (hey, I do it too!) so a log is the perfect way to provide them with a place to get some privacy! This log has almost 300 positive reviews on Amazon, with people commenting on how much their Betta fish love having a little place to hide in their tank. The surface is safe for fish, and the log will naturally sink to the bottom of the tank so your fish will have no problem swimming in and out. To read more reviews for this item, and to find out more information, click the green button above.

Betta Hammock



Yep, that’s a hammock for your fish! But before you keep scrolling and looking for other decorations in this list, listen up: fish freakin’ love these things, especially Betta fish! I’ve already mentioned that Betta fish love chilling out in their own private place, but you might not know that they also enjoy chilling out on a leaf hammock! This item is very highly rated on Amazon, with many of the reviewers mentioning that they bought the item initially as a novelty piece, but quickly realised that their fish actually loved it! Although this item wouldn’t be ideal for every type of fish, it is suitable for Betta fish as they enjoy relaxing and chilling out! Another positive of this item is that it is very good value for money and is a decoration that doesn’t take up a lot of room in the tank! To find out more about this item, click the green button above.

Plant Ornament



Adding a plant decoration to your tank is one of the best ways to provide your Betta fish with some much needed cover and privacy. This decoration has a solid yet safe construction that makes it perfect for adding to your fish tank, without causing any harm to your pets. The decoration also has holes that your Betta can easily swim through and explore, making it perfect for them. The reviews mention how realistic and attractive the piece looks, and how much their fish enjoyed interacting with the plants. If you’d like to read more about this item, click on the green button above.

Plant Decoration



We know that Betta fish love having plenty of coverage in their tanks, which is why plants make a great idea for a decoration. And when the plants look as good as this one, all the more reason to add it to your fish tank! The great thing about plant decorations is that you can include as many as you like to create a ‘jungle’ atmosphere that your Betta will love! To find out more about this item click on the green button above.


So there is a selection of some of the best Betta fish tank decorations currently available for your fish. Bettas are one of the best pets you can have, as they are pretty low maintenance and easy to look after. But by adding a few of these decorations to your tank, you can help make your Betta happy.

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Betta Fish Tank Decorations