1 Online Shopping was a reverse auction online shopping site website. Find out more MicrosoftThe company was acquired by Microsoft in 2007 Find out more Shut DownThe site was shut down at midnight, February 16, 2009. (Which is

Columbia Blowfish Baseball 1 Baseball TeamThe Blowfish are a summer collegiate baseball team currently in the Coastal Plain League. Find out more Changed nameThe Blowfish replaced the Capital City Bombers when professional baseball left Columbia after the 2004 season. Find

Bridgeport Bluefish 1 Baseball TeamThe Bridgeport Bluefish were an American professional baseball team based in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Find out more Professional TeamThe team was a member of the Liberty Division of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball Find out more

Fresh Fish 1 Annual Fashion ShowFresh Fish is an annual Swedish fashion show and competition for unestablished designers, which takes place in Gothenburg. Find out more Ali DavoodiThe company Fresh Fish was founded in 2007 by Ali Davoodi with the

Monterey Bay Aquarium 1 ¡Viva Baja!Discover incredible animals from land and sea in this special exhibition featuring creatures from the coastal habitats of Baja California. Find out more TentaclesThe Astounding Lives of Octopuses, Squid and Cuttlefishes, all within a special

1 St. Louis, MissouriThe World Aquarium is located within City Museum in downtown St. Louis, Missouri. Find out more The aquarium houses a variety of animalssuch as sharks, rays, turtles, parrots, marsh turtles, otter, snakes, alligator, crocodile and sloth. The

1 The Marine Aquarium Council was created in 1998 to create universal system of standards and eco-labeling in the marine aquarium trade. Find out more It was established to provide education and certification to fisheries of ornamental marine aquarium fishas