Any regular visitors to our site will be well aware that we loved themed decorations. Like, really really love them. They are so cool. Anyway, one of the coolest themes that frequently pops up is the Super Mario style. Here are some of the best examples that we could find:




Most of this layout is made up of Lego bricks, which is an awesome way to get creative with your fish tank. Plus, it’s completely safe for fish. 


This is a colorful layout which uses stickers, apart from the warp pipes which are actually in the tank. The old school stuff tends to be pretty awesome. 

6050184930_821636142a_z (1)

This is quite a busy tank isn’t it. And I don’t know why but I find the jellyfish kinda scary.


I don’t even know what is going on here. But it seems pretty fun. 


I like this one actually. Simple yet effective. It’s kinda glowing too.


Well there you have it. Hope you enjoyed them as much as we did.

Super Mario